Nothing is scarier than remodeling your home!

So many questions…
Trick or Treat…Who to trust?
Ghastly….What’s the design vision?
Beware….Where to buy quality building materials?
Nightmare….Did we make the right decisions?

halloween-witch-haunted-house-1150669GEM will prevent a Haunted House experience by providing 17 years of proven expertise in remodeling, new construction and window treatments.

Here are our top tips for your next remodeling project!

Have a plan. Look through magazines (tear out pages!) and tag photos from design sites. I like Houzz and Pinterest. Develop your personal likes and dislikes list.

Have a professional design review your tear sheets and tags to help you determine your personal look and give new insights and options. A few hours of Designer’s advice can save thousands of dollars and millions of headaches!

Make a list of must haves and dream list. I find clients never regret adding at least one item from their dream list. Can’t go overboard but going “underboard” always has the homeowners’ regrets.

Create a realistic budget….and stick to it! If selling within five years, work from the lower end of your budget. If this is your dream home and you plan to live there more than five years, work from the high end of your budget. Buying quality will always pay off in the long run!

Remember it is FUN to create the home of your dreams. Most people stress or fret so much they lose sight of the power they have to make their dreams come true. Have humor! It will help when you’re half way through and feel the mess, money and inconvenience isn’t worth it.

Celebrate your success! With careful planning, attention to the zillion details and flexibility, you will find you have your dream home and it wasn’t so bad. You might surprise yourself and start looking at that unfinished basement and dreaming again!

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Thank you to our clients who made our winning of
Best of Houzz 2014 possible.

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